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A Meeting With Bryan...

Things are getting creepier and creepier. The break-in is not the only strange thing that's transpired lately. I truly think I'm being followed. Perhaps it's just an old man's imagination, heightened by a trespass on his private life. I see people in the shadows, feel people behind me....watching. I know it has to do with my work.

I'm sorry I haven't been corresponding too frequently, but this sense of dread has overwhelmed me. I know not where the next enemy lies.

Bryan's fluency of the language leads me to believe he knows more than just the linguistics. I've requested a meeting with him. We'll see if he replies.

Am I a fool?

I'm not sure just why yet but we, me and my friends, have been getting hints that Bryan may not be all that trust worthy. So be careful. My friends or I will let you know more asap.

It seems to me that you may be getting too close to some "big secret" with those recordings you've been getting out three in the Triangle. And someone may not want that "secret" to be known. So, once again, please be careful.

Bryan may not be on the up and up. But then again Bryan may not have anything to do with it at all and we may need him to help translate the language. So can you see why I'm confused? But if he is suspect and is behind or working with someone to hide some big secret then he may not even give us the correct translation any way.

In the mean time, if anything else happens let us know asap.

You are not a fool.

I don't think you're a fool either. If Bryan responds and will agree to meeting with you, I would be cautious of being alone. Meeting in a public place would be a good idea. Might make him feel safer too. He does give off a vibe of "someone's out to get him" ... but then again, it could be because of all the information he's gathered over the years, or the antiques he's collected ...

Bring good old John with ya. That'll make things peachy!

I don't know. Let us know if he responds, okay?



That's the answer to Bryan's question.

Love is destiny.

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