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We're Back.

We're back from our most recent trip out to The Triangle. Before I give you those details, I need to describe the events of the night prior to our launch.

I had just finished a nice chat with Sylvia, when the phone rang. It was W.B. She wanted to know when John and I were taking off again. She said all the emails she had gotten coupled with some new books she'd been reading had made her curious. She asked if she could go with us. I told her I would be thrilled if she went along. It seems like a lifetime has past since she went sailing with me.

Feeling enthusiastic about the opportunity to have Kendra captive on the Serendipity, I returned to my desk and started writing an update to the blog. No sooner had I opened blogger when the power went out. I assumed it was a fuse, grabbed my flashlight, and went to check the box. On my way out of the house, I could sense something wasn't right. You know the feeling when you're waiting for someone to scare you? It's like going to a haunted house where you know there are live zombies and ghouls waiting to chase you, but you have yet to encounter one. I felt anxious, and my heart started to race. I remember thinking, "If John's pulling a Halloween prank, I'll make him think twice about pranking me again." That thought made me relax a bit, so I continued to the fuse box. The breaker had been flipped alright. I was sure John was behind it now. Who else would do something like that? When I returned to the house, however, the door was ajar. I distinctly remember closing it, because I checked to make sure I had the keys before I did. I heard footsteps running and the backdoor slam. I ran inside. Nothing seemed amiss. Everything was where I left it, or so I thought. Today I've realized some of my notes are missing. Who would have reason to break in and take my notes. Why?

As I said, we're back from our latest trip out. W.B. joined us, and we had a great time. Nothing new was gained, however, and I had hoped she could have at least heard the voices. Maybe she would see her father wasn't just an old kook chasing windmills.