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Remarkable Response and Recordings

Wow! The last 24 hours has been beyond weird. I never dreamed I would get the response I have for the newsletters. I can hardly keep up with all the new emails from people wanting to help. What's so bizarre is the amount of people who visit my blog because of an abiguous website depicting my whereabouts. I have no idea who would be interested enough in my work to follow me so closely. The code and language on the site is an oddity as well. I guess it's just another mystery in the long line of mysteries that seem to befall me.

Speaking of mysteries. John was finally able to get the first recording uploaded. It seems he was a bit busy with a side project of his last night (If you ask me, I think he was catting about with a lady friend). I hope someone can decipher it, it's driving me crazy.

Oh this voice is weird... When and where did you grab it?

Yes, me and my associates are working on this. We will contact you in the future.

Ny Takma Koldaaj Mrrat

Hello Hank,

I'm not sure who the previous comment is referring to as his "associates", but some of us have been in contact with whoever put up that site you refer to, and based on our contact with that individual, we believe we have a transcription of the recording you've posted:

"spiala verkandon un esetula ra actino srk laku teyailn aladi iraja p arpka flalo talm craah olj fhar ra guakala ny linguala di shundaj mrkzai, ghyra aladi monlj hykyar en gora zinhaj sha skorjin ny trakan."

Based on a few words we have already learned, we can begin to translate it as follows:

"spiala verkandon un regret to actino srk laku there aladi iraja p arpka flalo talm craah olj fhar to guakala the linguala di shundaj mrkzai, ghyra aladi monlj hykyar en gora zinhaj sha skorjin the trakan."

I know its not much, but I thought you'd like to know that we're making some progress.

Sorry, I forgot to sign that last comment. It's me, molecularr. (molecularr@gmail.com).

Please let us know as soon as you can upload any more recordings.


also, gora=fury
But who speaks about the end of humanity (ny takma koldaaj)?

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work. That's definitely
more than I was able translate. We're getting closer I can feel it.

Mrrat is a word we have not seen, if I am not mistaken..Seems to me that the Anonymous poster of 16:51 knows this language...Could it be the mysterious Bryan?

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