A Cry For Help...

I am Hank, and I love the sea. When I venture on land I lay my bones in Florida, but the sea's my real home. Over the past 17 years I have been obsessed with one particular area. For various reasons, I have done my share of paranormal research in the Triangle. The area has stolen my soul. I fear it may do the same for others who may try to help me, but I don't know what to do any longer. The enigmatic sounds eminating from the deep are undecipherable to me. I must know what they mean lest I lose my sanity. It doesn't matter what frequency I turn to on the radio, I keep hearing these voices.

It amazes me every day that so much in life is unexplained and how much the Triangle distorts my reality. I don't know if I can ever convince people that my findings are real and to help, but that's why I am here.

If you're interested in my various findings and what you can do, I will be mailing a series of short weekly newsletters soon, please send the following information to hauntedhank@gmail.com

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Another uneventful trip

For the past 17 years I have been searching for answers, but I keep finding only more riddles. Some trips I take into the Triangle, I come away with weird stuff (like that recording) . Some trips, nothing at all. Well it's coming up on my little Waterbaby's birthday. 22 on October 13th, I wonder if she'll answer my call this time.
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